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Making storage boxes in any size

It is difficult to maintain order for a long time. One of the ways to keep some sort of order is boxes – instead of things being scattered on the dresser or the shelf, you can confine them into small places, and it looks much better.

It is of course possible to buy ready-made baskets or boxes, but they will rarely be exactly the size we want. So my solution is to make boxes. To take cardboard boxes that have nothing more to do with them, take them apart, and build new boxes from them that are exactly the size I want. And this is what I did here:

קופסאות קרטון בתוך כוורת אחסון

So how do you make storage boxes?

I made a video from the measuring stage to the painting stage in Sosef. And here it is:
the video from The complete course of building furniture from cardboard

And the result

קופסאות צבעוניות מקרטון

If you want to learn more, check out my online courses on Skillshare

Or the course on udemy:

How to make unique furniture by yourself with cardboard

Simple DIY project – Learn how to make real furniture that you will be proud of, using only cardboard and glue.
No power tools are needed.

The online course on udemy

cardboard furniture

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