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A very easy cat scratcher DIY tutorial – just cardboard!

Very simple DIY project, and after a short time the cats get used to it and start using it, reducing the need to sharpen their claws on the furniture.

A very easy cat scratcher DIY

What you need to make the cat scratcher:

Cardboard, preferably double-corrugated cardboard.
Thinner cardboard is also possible, in which case a larger amount of stripes should be cut.

Glue – simple school glue (PVA glue). You can also use hot glue for the sides so that they stick faster, but it is not necessary.

A cutting knife, a ruler, a pencil, and preferably a cutting mat.

Strong double-sided tape, to stick the surface to something stable

The process in one short and sweet clip:

Over time, the cats scratch a certain area of the surface. So after a few months, you can detach it, rotate it, and stick it again with the top part down this time. Then they have a new area to abuse.

the cat scratcher finished
the cat scratcher glued to a speaker

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No power tools are needed.

The online course on udemy

cardboard furniture

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