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Crochet a bag with granny squares using plastic bags

A very fun way to combine different colors and make a bag. Because the crochet is very tight, the bag is more sturdy. in this post, I will show you different ways to combine squares to make exciting bags.

All the bags in this post were crocheted with plastic bags and not regular yarn. In this way I upcycled used groceries bags to make something new and unique.

How to crochet and attach granny squares

There are a lot of styles of granny squares. In this video, I will show the method that I like. the squares are made of columns of 3 double crochet that open as a fan.

the gaps in the squares are small, so the bags don’t have large holes in them.

Examples of bags that I made with this method

Nine squares bag

nine squares in the front and back, and three squares on the sides and at the bottom of the bag.

Another bag I made from pink and cream plastic bags, in this one the back side looks different.

The front side of the bag

The back side has one large square

A closer look at the handles of the bag

In this bag the colors are vibrant, and the black yarn between the squares makes the colors pop out more.

Four squares bag

make larger squares, so you need only 4 for the front and 4 for the back.

you can connect the front and the back side along the sides to get a more flat bag, or crochet strips for the sides, like I did for this one.

The front side of the bag:

The back side

And a blue one.

Diamond squares bag

This bag is made of 13 squares. in the next image you can see how to connect them.
the bag is flat, but it can still hold a few essential things.

This is how you connect the squares to make the bag


Another one, with longer handles

If you want to learn more
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