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I made a shelving unit from cardboard

I made the shelving for the cardboard furniture online course. I wanted another example of a large piece of furniture that would also be useful to most users – the kind of piece of furniture that they would want to make because there is always something to do with it.
So I found a corner of the house that needed a storage solution, and I made it in the dimensions I wanted.

I made it for the course, but I fell in love with it. It turned out so cute with that coloring

Here are some photos from the process:

A large cardboard from a TV screen packaging
It begins with some cardboard from a TV screen packaging.
Planning the shelving unit on notebook
The final plan
the cardboard pieces before assembling
All the parts are ready
I am making the shelving unit
Here I am, gluing everything together
zuko the cat inside the shelving unit
Zuko says that it is technically a box, so he should be in it.
Preparing the shelving unit for painting
After sanding, filling holes, and covering with paper tape.
the shelving unit finished - with two cats
Luna and Maple are checking the quality of the work. They approve.
white shelving unit with boxes
I made some storage boxes, Mondrian style.
the final shelving unit
And here it is

The full process including the measurements is in the online course. Here »

If you want to learn more, check out my online courses on Skillshare

Or the course on udemy:

How to make unique furniture by yourself with cardboard

Simple DIY project – Learn how to make real furniture that you will be proud of, using only cardboard and glue.
No power tools are needed.

The online course on udemy

cardboard furniture

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